Jaundice treatmentIn Singapore, many new born babies suffer from jaundice around the second day after birth, lasting until day 8 or even up to day 14 in premature births.

According to Wikipedia:
“Jaundice is presumably a consequence of metabolic and physiological adjustments after birth.  A Bili light is often the tool used for early treatment, which often consists of exposing the baby to intensive phototherapy. However, in third world countries where procuring such treatment is prohibitably expensive, parents often subject their children to regular daily treatments of baking in the sunlight and sunbathing. Bilirubin count is lowered through bowel movements and urination so regular and proper feedings are especially important.”

All of my children had Jaundice when they were born.  My first son was admitted to hospital and underwent the bili light treatment for one whole night.  I was almost hysterical because he had to be ‘blindfolded’, stripped to just wearing diapers and ‘exposed’ to blue light in a plastic plexiglass container for one whole night.  It broke my heart when I left him alone in hospital that night.

My second son escaped the treatment in hospital because his Jaundice level was not very high.  And, my confinement lady that time just took him outside to get sunlight to help reduce the Jaundice.

When my third child came, I had already acquired an interesting bed which I personally called the “Magic Bed” and I used it on my baby. I believed that it helped to reduce Jaundice levels of my baby.  I read that the bed emits far-infared ray which corresponds to good sunlight.  I found that my baby girl had jaundice, and decided to let her sleep on the bed with the far-infared ray turned on at low to medium, and for not too long.  I noticed that her Jaundice level started to reduce and her tint of “yellow” on her skin due the jaundice started to go away slowly but surely. It was smooth sailing for the her and she need not have to go through hospitalisation and the bili light treatment.   She even slept well due to the emission of negative ion also from the bed.

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